Mark Wahlberg reportedly refused to work with Christopher Plummer unless he was paid $1.5M

Mark Wahlberg refused to approve the casting of Christopher Plummer as a replacement for Kevin Spacey in All the Money in the World until he was paid over US$1 million, according to USA Today.

Wahlberg had the right to approve co-stars in his contract, the newspaper claims.

“What he said was, ‘I will not approve Christopher Plummer unless you pay me.’ And that’s how he (expletive) them,” one source told USA Today.

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Wahlberg’s lawyer allegedly vetoed Plummer’s casting in a letter to the film’s financiers, saying Wahlberg would only agree if he were paid the extra money.

Earlier this week, the newspaper reported that Wahlberg and Michelle Williams both took part in the re-shot scenes but the actress earned less than US$1,000 for her work.

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Williams earned less than one per cent of the US$1.5 million that Wahlberg reportedly earned for the re-shot scenes.

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The Wrap previously reported that Wahlberg was paid extra for his “more extensive” reshoots, which occurred over the Thanksgiving holiday.

USA Today reports that both Wahlberg and Williams had reshoots in their contracts and both were in Europe filming for the same number of days.

All The Money in the World was partially re-shot after Spacey was fired due to sexual misconduct allegations in November.

The film was recast and reshot with Plummer, only six weeks before the film’s release.

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In December, Ridley Scott, producer of All The Money in the Worldsaid that the actors, including Wahlberg and Williams, who agreed to the 10-day re-shoot in November, “did it for nothing.”

According to USA Today, Wahlberg’s agency renegotiated a “hefty fee” later on.

The actors union SAG-AFTRA weighed into the pay debate. In a statement to ABC News, they said they “are unambiguously in favor of pay equity between men and women in this industry and support every action to move in this direction.”

“At the same time, performers at this level negotiate their above-scale rates through their agents. As it relates to this matter, you should talk to their representatives,” the statement added.

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At the Critics’ Choice Awards on Thursday, Olivia Munn hosted the dinner ceremony, and she had a few things to say about the men in Hollywood — including Wahlberg.

The actress, who has spoken publicly about her own experiences with sexual misconduct in the entertainment industry, led the audience in a toast.

Joined by actress Niecey Nash, they raised a glass “to all the good guys in Hollywood,” who held meetings in conference rooms rather than hotel rooms.

“Congratulations for doing what you’re supposed to do! And here’s to the male casting directors who didn’t ever say anything derogatory to me in an audition. Hey, way to be regular human beings, guys. Good job!” Nash said.

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Munn added: “I’d also like to thank that famous actor who didn’t treat me like crap after I said I didn’t want to have drinks with him after the show. What a guy, huh?”

“Wow, see what I’m talking about?” Nash joked. “I want to say this quickly – thank you to all of the men for speaking up at the Golden Globes and joining our sisters….”

Munn interjected: “Actually, sorry, sorry, they really didn’t say much, there.”

She continued: “I do want to say, by the way, thank you to the producers for paying Neicey and I the same amount of money and Mark Wahlberg a million dollars. He took a pay cut, so it’s really nice and generous of him. Thank you so much.”

As of this writing, Wahlberg has not commented on the allegations.

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