Man Breaks World Record For Fastest 100M Sprint While On Fire

Daredevil Antony Britton has set a new world record for both the fastest and furthest sprint while on fire without oxygen.

According to Guinness World Records, Antony was asked by some friends to simply do a run for charity but Antony had a (debatably) better idea.

Antony decided to break a Guinness World Record by running on fire without an oxygen tank.

Antony, supported by Stannage Stunt Team, broke two records. Fastest 100 m sprint (full body burn, without oxygen) and Longest distance run full-body burn (without oxygen). How interesting!

The daredevil says, “It was very exciting. It is a total adrenaline rush and you can’t think of anything apart from what you’re doing. You see the challenge, see the finish line and think ‘that’s where I need to be’ so you focus all of your attention and energy into getting you there,” according to Guinness World Records.

This stunt was done to raise money for a children’s cancer charity called Candlelight and the preparation took two years.

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