5 Songs You Must Hear This Week

BØRNS feat. Lana Del Rey, “God Save Your Young Blood”

Single (Interscope)
Recommended If You Like: Unexpected changes in key

BØRNS says he spent a lot of time listening to Beach Boys songs and became fascinated by how Brian Wilson would often unexpectedly change keys or create new movement in a song (cf. “Good Vibrations,” among many others). When he tried to write a song in that vein, he found him thinking of Lana Del Rey, whom he contacted on Facetime That went well enough for her to agree to sing on the song.


Dizzy, “Swim”

Single (Canvasback Music)
RIYL: Dear Rouge, some Metric, a few 4AD bands from the 80s

Three brothers (Charlie, Alex and Mackenzie Spencer) and a friend (Kate Munshaw) are all from Oshawa and seemed determined to make a go of things with a second single that draws from their experience of growing up in suburbia. Watch for more shows around the GTA and beyond in 2018.


DYGL, “Let It Sway”

Sat Goodbye to Memory Den (Hard Enough)
RIYL: Hollerado, Tokyo Police Club, The Strokes

DYGL (pronounced “Dayglow, making them a band that’s not only too poor to afford vowels but one that has to skimp on consonants, too), is a four-piece from Tokyo (points if you can connect them to Yikki Beat) who have been around since 2013.  After finding some success with this album which was released last spring, let’s see what they can do in North America.


Partner, “Play the Field”

In Search of Lost Time
RIYL: Tegan & Sara cut with 90s alternative

Lucy Niles and Joseé Caron, both from Windsor, Ontario (and originally from Sackville, New Brunswick) have their sights set on keeping the sound of their 90s guitar heroes (Pumpkins, Weezer, Nirvana, Veruca Salt) alive. Keep in mind that they also have experience in a couple of hardcore bands. The result is sapphically wonderful. Check out the video they shot at the University of Windsor.


lovely.the.band, “Broken”

Everything I Could Never Say… (Red Music)
RIYL: MGMT, Pixies, Grouplove

Out of Hollywood, this three-piece that allegedly evolved after everyone got drunk and started talking about forming a band. When they sobered up, the band was there, so they decided to keep going. So far, so good.

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