Kid Craig's Top 3 Songs of 2017

1. AJR “Sober Up”

One of my favourite songs from 2017 is one that we started playing near the end of the year, AJR featuring Rivers Cuomo from Weezer, partly because a lot of people say I kind of look like Rivers but it’s also a great tune.

2. Beck “Up All Night”

Another one of my favourite songs from the past year, 2017 – such a downer, especially if you don’t like Donald Trump and all that stuff. What a downer of a year! So, I liked songs that sounded happy and upbeat. Beck “Up All Night”, definitely one of those.

3. The Killers “The Man”

They will be here in January to play it live – it’s The Killers and “The Man”! It’s very 80’s-like, it’s groovy, it’s one of my favourite songs of 2017.

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