Melani's Top 3 Songs of 2017

1. The Killers “The Man”

The last time I heard this song, it came on my iTunes and I was listening to it in my headphones, and I just immediately started strutting down Yonge Street. I actually fell and I looked like an idiot, but I didn’t even care because the song was so good and making me feel like “The Woman”, even though it is “The Man”.

2. AWOLNATION “Passion”

I don’t know why this song is one of my favourite songs of 2017, it’s just really punchy and it has a ton of different elements to it that are really cool and make it unique. Just listen. The last bit of the song – I think it’s like the last 30 seconds – makes you just wanna turn it up and rock out.

3. Arcade Fire “Creature Comfort”

One of my favourite songs of 2017 is by one of the best bands to ever come out of Canada – that’s Arcade Fire with “Creature Comfort”. The whole song is really really emotional, it’s personally emotional. It hits me on quite the personal level, especially the line, “God, make me famous. If you can’t, just make it painless.” It’s a really powerful line, it’s a powerful song. Enjoy it!

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