Adam's Top 3 Songs of 2017

1. Arkells “Knocking at the Door”

One of my favourite highlights of 2017 was going to Massachusetts to see Frank Turner play alongside Arkells. Arkells have been huge here in Canada for a very long time, but they’re still growing in the States. So seeing them open up for one of my all time favourite artists was an absolute joy and to watch the people around me fall in love with them as they played songs like “Knocking at the Door”, one of the biggest tunes of 2017 – it was just best. I am obsessed with this song, still to this day.

2. Foo Fighters “The Sky Is A Neighborhood”

One of my favourite songs of 2017 is the Foo Fighters’ “The Sky Is A Neighborhood” from Concrete and Gold, which is just an awesome record. The Foo Fighters are the best! They’ll finally be back in town in July of 2018, which means 2018’s gonna be an awesome year, but 2017 kicked a lot of ass too because Concrete and Gold was a large part of the soundtrack. What a great record, what a great band, what a great tune. The Foo Fighters – the biggest band in the world for a reason.

3. The Glorious Sons “Everything Is Alright”

A band I fell in love with in 2017 is The Glorious Sons, and all it took was seeing them play one song live. They played a Sugar Beach Session and absolutely tore the place down. Their new record is fantastic, definitely worth your time. They’re just a really cool band, even though they don’t look like they should be in a band together at all. Somehow it all works. “Everything Is Alright”, Glorious Sons – one of the best songs of 2017.

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