Edge Edibles

COMING SOON…you’ll have the chance to win $102 for your favorite local restaurant with Edge Edibles.

We’ve set up a wheel of crazy culinary food combos. Tuna and marmalade? Sure. Shrimp and mustard? Why not?! Peanut butter and anchovies?? Yum!

Starting May 17th, listen weekdays at 7am, 1pm, and 5pm, and at 3pm on both Saturday and Sunday for the cue-to-call.

Be the 10th caller when you hear the cue to spin the wheel of culinary delights (hmmm not really). When the wheel stops on one of our outlandish combos, you’ll have to guess if our talent is fearless enough to try the combo or not! If you answer correctly, you’ll win $102 for your favorite local restaurant.

Edge Edibles. On Toronto’s Real Alternative, 102.1 The Edge.